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NRSC Health and Safety Annex 12
         Photovoltaic System

Purpose of this document:

To advise on health and safety when maintaining the Club’s photovoltaic system.

General statement of risk:

Any maintenance on the Anchorage roof carries risk.

Useful sources of guidance; references; relevant legislation:

The What3Words location of the Anchorage (upriver quay heading) is downward superhero dame.

Detailed information:

The photovoltaic (solar) panel is a 100 watt panel mounted on the roof of the clubhouse and does not normally need any maintenance. It gives an output of 12–14volts at 4/5amps keeping our 110amp battery well charged. The charge is delivered through the panel controller in the clubhouse and from that feeds our 12volt lighting. This has a safety device at 11.5volts to stop the battery from being totally discharged. It also has two USB ports at 5 volts so officers

and members can charge their mobile phones with a USB lead. With this system in place, the battery is always ready to start the generator.

Recommendations for safety/best practice:


Access to the photovoltaic system on the roof would need to be by ladder, for the use of which normal precautionary best practice is required. A minimum of two people should be at the Anchorage during any work on the solar panel.


Work is only to be executed with the knowledge of the Boatswain and/or one of the two Coxswains. Boatswain contact number: 07410 379 996 (Flatman); Coxswains: 07774 797 173 (Gray); 07777 630 273 (Evans)

What to do in an emergency or when Club action is needed:

First Aid kits are situated prominently inside the Anchorage together with a list of First Aiders. Operatives must be aware of the emergency, coastguard and ambulance calling procedure, also displayed prominently and highlighted in premises induction.

Who to contact in relation to this Annexe:  

Boatswain 07410 379996

Date agreed by the Committee:

17 February 2021

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