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Please note that to enter a race you must complete the necessary paperwork published in the Red Book. Race entry fees must be paid.

For information on the NRSC handicap system and detailed race results please visit the members' page.

Deja Vu makes
her way to the last mark

​​RACE REPORT: COMMODORE’S CUP 22nd July 2023... by Mark Collins

With a blustery south-westerly blowing 12 knots and gusts of 17, four boats took to the water from the Anchorage in two starts.  Strega (Pio and Sue) and Simply The Best (Mark and Malcolm) left at 11:00 and  Déjà Vu (Jeff and Mick) and Cho Cho San (Nigel and Sean)  at 11.10.  With  the  Commodore  as  OOD, advised by Peter C ashore, we elected for a running start upriver on an incoming tide, past a mark at Boundary Dyke and on to the Pumphouse, back to Boundary, rounding to the Pumphouse again, then home.  


Strega  and Simply The Best came in with the best and second-best elapsed times at 1h 16 and 1h 18, with Déjà Vu at 1h19 and  Cho Cho San  at 1h22 , the order remaining the same after the application of handicaps.  


The second group certainly had less favourable wind towards the end of the race. It was good to see Strega  showing her petticoats after a long absence from the racing scene. She took off from the start,  while Simply The Best overshot and crawled back to the line. But Strega was overtaken by Simply The Best near Thurne Mouth. In a tussle from then on,  Strega came back with a will, and although  Simply The Best  overtook her again, she fought her way back to the line through better seamanship.


The trickiest bit was the quick incoming tide and headwind in the last few hundred yards towards the Anchorage. The uncertain weather caused the postponement of the BBQ until after the Harvest Bowl on 9th September,  but it allowed the earlier start to the race so that we avoided the afternoon downpours.  


The Green Ranger was  postponed to 10 th September, making it easier for stopovers after the  postponed BBQ. Many thanks go to Peter C for Acting OOD, Margaret and Maggi L for timekeeping.  Pat provided welcome refreshments and Jeff kindly helped with the marks. Not forgetting Mick for bringing his strimmer and keeping the snakes and bears at bay – good job!

RACE REPORT: SUMMER REGATTA 1st July... by Jeff Harteveldt

On Saturday 1st July four boats took part in the Summer Regatta. The winds were strong with very strong gusts, making it difficult for helms and crew. With the westerly wind, the course was set to a mark down the Bure towards St Benet’s and then a short leg back to Boundary, returning to the Bure mark before heading back to the finish line at the Clubhouse.

With 2 starts of 2 boats, Tallulah took advantage of a slow start by

Pegamoose  who mistimed the start line, but got going again and

gave chase.  Simply the Best had a good start with Deja Vu about

10 seconds behind. After around 80 mins of racing, on handicap  

Simply the Best was 1st, Tallulah 2nd, Deja Vu 3rd and Pegamoose  


The second race saw even stronger winds.  Pegamoose  decided

the winds were too strong and DNS, Deja Vu decided to try a larger

jib which could be advantageous on the long reach home. With

only one start,  Tallulah and  Simply the Best  got away quickly with  

Deja Vu playing catchup again. Around Boundary, all  three boats

were tacking together; strong squalls created problems with two

boats coming together.  


Simply the Best withdrew from the race leaving Tallulah  and  Deja  Vu  to  battle  it  out.  The  decision  to  have  a large  jib meant that Deja Vu managed  to  pull  away  on the  homeward  leg.    


After handicaps were applied, Deja  Vu just  pipped Tallulah  by 5 seconds.


Overall results  were:

Pegamoose           4th 

Simply the  Best   3rd

Tallulah                  2nd 
Deja Vu                  1st

My thanks go to Margaret and Pat for timekeeping and to  Brian for helping withthe marks. Several folks  stayed overnight at the Clubhouse and had a great BBQ evening.

Race Report: Spring Trophy 29th April by Nigel Wordingham OOD

This being the first race of the season, it was decided to restrict the boats to fleets of two starting at 11am.  The course was set as upriver to the Oby buoy followed by Acle, Upton and Acle.  The light wind varied between East and South and was “normal for Norfolk”.  Zig Zag and Pegamoose from the first fleet  took over one hour twenty minutes to get back to the clubhouse, so the decision was made to shorten course 
allowing members to enjoy a pleasant lunch in the sun on the lawn.  

Pictures: Mike M

This included a crash course in use of the defibrillator by Jeff!  There were particularly close encounters between Nemesis and Déjà Vu, including a 720 and a meeting with the bank with Nemesis winning by a minute. Meanwhile Tallulah and Simply the Best finished only 38 seconds apart!

For the second race at 2pm the wind was more in evidence. This time the start was downriver to the Acle buoy then up to the Upton buoy and back to be repeated up to three times.  This allowed the spectators to have a grand stand view of much of the racing.  This time there was no need to shorten course with Zig Zag again claiming line honours after a bit over one and a quarter hours.  On handicap Déjà Vu triumphed over
Nemesis by a minute.  In the next fleet it was Simply the Best’s turn to beat Tallulah.   















Unusually in total points not only did Nemesis and Déjà Vu tie for first and second but Simply the Best tied for third and fourth.  On the tie breaker rule of who does best in the last race, Déjà vu came first and Simply the best came third.

Thanks to my trusty timekeepers John Thompson and Martin Salisbury, to Jeff and Brian for laying and recovering the buoys and also to Brian for subduing the grass and other care of the Anchorage, Julia for bringing her goodies and Pat and others for helping with the kitchen.

Great to see non-racing members meeting up for a chat and obviously enjoying themselves.


Overall Regatta Result:

1st Deja Vu - Helm: Jeff; Crew: Mick 

2nd Nemesis - Helm: Tom; Crew: Liz 

3rd  Simply the Best - Helm: Mark; Crew: James 

Other boats racing: Tallulah – Brian and Chris, Zig Zag – Simon and David, Pegamoose II - James and Katherine

NRSC Spring 4 MM.jpeg
NRSC Spring 2 MM.jpeg

Club Championship 2022

Deja Vu, skippered by Jeff and crewed by Mick, won the final race of the season watched by a good number of spectators at the Anchorage.

1st  Deja Vu  -  skipper Jeff, crew Mick

2nd Quartet -  skipper Peter, crew Maggie

3rd Zig Zag   -  skipper Mark, crew James

Full race report in Newsletter 377

P1100522 Members-1.jpg

From: David Reeve, OOD

Whatever you do, don't miss the last race of the season - The Club Championship!


This delightful pursuit race closes off the season in grand style with a parade of boats departing the Anchorage, separated according to their handicaps, with the idea of all joining up for the finish. It never quite ends up like that due to adventures on the way, but afterwards, we make our way to the Anchorage for the results, a chat about the day's excitement and some refreshments.


The weather is looking good with lots of sunshine and a brisk westerly to speed us on our way. 


In line with the  Programme publicised in the Red Book page 15 the first gun will be 12:30 with a briefing at about 12:15, and the finish will be at 15:00. As was the case with the Green Ranger Trophy, we acknowledge the error in the timing given in the Sailing Instructions on page 18 of the Red Book, which will be corrected for next year.


Please send your entry to me (David Reeve) by email, stating the event name and date, your name, your yacht's name and your sail number. 


Observers and social members are very welcome too. If you are planning to come and need parking for a walk up to the Anchorage, please let me know. 


Many thanks go to Mike and Julia M who will be our timekeepers.


All the very best

David Reeve, OOD

From: Nigel Wordingham, Sailing Secretary

The Harvest Bowl will take place on Saturday 24 September.  The first start is at 13.00 in the area of Boundary Dyke which gives the opportunity of varied points of sailing.  


You can expect marks to round up the Thurne and Bure and to finish at the Anchorage.  Please make yourself known to the Timekeepers, Margaret, Colin and Annette, preferably by 12.30 for the 13.00 start.  

Use VHF on 72 where possible to obtain final details including which fleet you are in. 


Anybody wanting a crew and anybody wanting to crew should let me know.


Entries please to OOD Jeff H

From: Nigel Wordingham, Sailing Secretary

The Globe Trophy will be raced on Saturday 10th September. The start is at 13.30 in the vicinity of Cockshoot Dyke, Horning, going downriver to the Anchorage clubhouse. The tide should be with us. There will probably be one mark up the Thurne in the vicinity of Coldharbour Farm.  This and any other buoys are to be rounded to port.  


Pio is the Officer of the Day ably abetted by Sue as Timekeeper.  If you have not already entered and would like to do so, please send Pio an email confirming you would like to enter.


As per the Red Book, he will simply need confirmation of the event name and date, your name, your yacht’s name and your sail number.  Useful to tell him who is crewing too.  Please check your boat is insured for racing and you have signed the indemnity form.


It is suggested you arrive at about 13.00 and make yourself known to Pio for any last-minute instructions which will depend on weather conditions on the day.  Also which fleet you are starting in and your start time.  If you have a VHF, please tune to channel 72.  His call sign is “Strega”.

Afterwards, we can go to the Acle Bridge Inn for dinner, which is where we usually go after the Globe.  If enough would like to go, I will see if we can get the usual room – about 18:00 I suggest. Alternatively, if there are volunteers to man the BBQ we could have a Do It Yourself (gas only) BBQ at the clubhouse.  Ie bring your own food and drink.   Please advise your preferences to me.  Tom,  Neil and partners have voted for the Bridge.  I will be otherwise engaged.

From: Nigel Wordingham, Sailing Secretary

As you know, the Spring and Summer regattas were postponed due to high wind and heavy weed growth respectively. As advised in the Club's July newsletter, they were rescheduled for Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd of September. 

Thursday is scheduled for the Spring Trophy with races at 14.00 and 15.30, while Friday is scheduled for the Summer Regatta with races scheduled for 10.30 and 12.00.


These regattas were to be held at Barton Broad but, for a variety of reasons, we have decided to move them to our traditional racing location at the Anchorage clubhouse.  


We would very much encourage the Thursday morning “Sailing in Company” group to come along and join in the racing. Perhaps your cruise could be a useful warm up, to be followed by a try at racing in the afternoon (it's not really that different!).  


Alternatively, why not watch the cabaret from the comfort of the Anchorage?   It's a good chance for the racers and cruisers to mix.  Might even be a bacon butty in it afterwards!


As a special offer to get you racing, one entry fee will cover both regattas!


Please let me know as soon as possible and at latest by Sunday evening if you are planning to enter.  Regular racers – if you are not able to come, it would be useful to know.

NRSC RACE 1.jpeg

The Founders Cup on Wroxham Broad - kindly hosted by NBYC

From: Nigel Wordingham, Sailing Secretary

Our next event is the Founders Cup on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 August on Wroxham Broad courtesy

of the NBYC.  Please see the Red Book pages 17-20 for details.


A meal will be available on Wednesday evening and, as usual, the facilities will be open.  Racing on a Broad is a different experience and in some ways more relaxing than river racing as there is more space, so it can be a good place to start to join in.  


Visitors will be welcome to come by car – but please check entry with me first.  The clubhouse is a great location for watching the racing and generally chilling out by the water.

The NBYC are providing OOD and timekeepers so all entries directly to me please.



The Inaugural Salver at Oulton Broad is on Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th August.


This is a chance to return to where it all started for our Club and race on a rather lovely Broad, which is a bit different from our more local ones.   For some years we have been prevented from sailing on our old favourite of Horsey because of problems gettiing under Potter and weed when we do.  This year Black Horse suffered in the same way and we will have to look to the future for some new thinking about our broads regattas. Meanwhile, Oulton Broad is not to be missed!


It would be helpful with our planning to have some idea of numbers at this fairly early stage.  Would you please drop me an email or ring indicating if you are likely to race or come and spectate from the lovely WOBYC clubhouse?  Also, do let me know if you are likely to want to join the meal on Saturday evening at the Wherry.  

If you would normally come but cannot come this time, it would be very helpful if you would let me know.

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