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Race entry and sailing instructions 2023-24

Entering a Northern Rivers Club Race or Regatta

All entries for races and regattas must be emailed, texted or sent in writing to the Officer of the Day (OOD) for the particular event and must be received at least threedays before the race. In exceptional circumstances, the OOD may at his or her
discretion accept a late entry up to one hour before the race. Members will only be allowed a maximum of two late entries per racing season.  

All races are listed in the Red Book. To enter a race, send the following information to the OOD (his/her details are in the Red Book)


Event name and date


Your name


Your yacht’s name

Your yacht’s sail number


Yachts must be raced as declared by you when you email or write to the OOD stating that you will join the race.  

You will be charged £7.00 per event. It is preferred that you elect to pay entry feesat the end of the racing season when you will be billed by the Treasurer. You will be able to make this choice on your Club Renewal Form, part of which is the Indemnity
and Insurance Form, which must be completed in full before you can race. The document is sent to you by the Membership Secretary at the beginning of the year.

If you do not elect to pay for your races at the end of the season, you will need to pay for each race by BACS, stating your name and the race in the reference. If you have not received the Renewal Form and Indemnity and Insurance Form, email the
Membership Secretary, whose details are on page 4 in the Red Book.

General Rules 

All NRSC Regattas will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (2021 – 2024), the prescriptions of the Royal Yachting Association, and the  NRSC Club Details ection 3: Sailing Rules and Section 4: General Race Instructions for Club Regattas,
as given in the most recent edition of the Club’s Red Book. 

Members are notified of races and regattas through the Programme  as printed in the Red Book or otherwise communicated to Club Members by the Commodore, the Committee or the Officer of the Day. In the event of unavoidable postponements or
cancellations, all Club members will be informed in as timely a manner as possible.

All members should take precautions to ensure their own safety.  All helms and crew should wear adequate personal buoyancy aids with crotch straps.    


Yachts with VHF radios are requested to keep them turned on (Channel 72) and helms should advise other competitors of any changes of which they may be unaware. 

General Sailing Instructions

• A yacht may not start later than ten minutes after the starting signal. 

• The OOD will advise of any dangers or restricted areas that are to be avoided. 

• Engines are to be switched off before the 5-minute signal. 

• Competitors are permitted to use a cruising chute or spinnaker.

• The 720  degrees     turn penalty shall apply for infringement of a rule of Part 2 of the  Racing Rules of Sailing (NRSC Rule 4.6). 

• The course may be shortened.

• A time limit may be imposed by the OOD.

• The start and finish line, the positions and deployment of marks and any and all start and finish times will be notified to entrants by the OOD in good time before the start of the race. 

Sailing Instructions: River Races

This section applies to the Oby Thistle Trophy, Emblem Trophy and Pegasus Bell, Commodore’s Cup, Harvest Bowl, and Club Team Relay Trophy.

You will be informed of fleet start allocation; fleets will start at 10-minute intervals. Warning flag Y will be used. Marks may be placed in the following positions: -

• Acle In the region of the clubhouse and upstream of Acle Bridge

• Upton In the region of Upton Dyke

• Oby  In the region of Oby Dyke

• Boundary  In the region of Boundary Dyke

• Bure  Downstream of the first pumping station on the River Bure

The course will be displayed not less than 30 minutes before the Fleet start for each race, and may vary for each race. 
All marks are to be rounded to port. 

Sailing Instructions: Pursuit Races

This section applies to the Green Ranger Trophy (GR) and Club Championship (CC). Marks will be as above for river races.

The events are pursuit races; the start time for each boat is established on the basis that the race would take 100 minutes for a boat with a handicap of 1.000. 

The starting procedure is as follows: 

• At 12.30hrs GR, (12.30hrs CC), the code flag Y will be raised, with one sound signal.

• At 12.35hrs GR, (12.35hrs CC), the code flag P will be raised, with one sound signal.

• At 12.40hrs GR, (12.40hrs CC) the code flag Y and code flag P will be lowered, with one sound signal.

• Yachts will start at the start time for each boat as supplied by the OOD.

• A sound signal will be made at 5-minute intervals until the first yacht starts. From this time on sound signals will be made at the time each yacht is dueto start until the last yacht has started. 

The finish for all yachts will be at 1300hrs GR, 15.00hrs CC, precisely. At this time asound signal will be made from the Committee boat, which will motor towards the race leaders. 

Competitors are then required to proceed past the Committee boat in the same order in which they were placed at the finish time. Furthermore, they should note who is in front and who is behind them, on the form provided.

All marks are to be rounded to port.

Sailing Instructions: Broads Races

This section applies to any races the club chooses to organise on a Broad.

There will be a single start for each race and the warning flag will be code flag Y. Whilst at no time shall a yacht pass between the inner distance mark and the Committee Boat, (such boats will be disqualified), all marks are deemed to be surrounded by navigable water.  


The start and finish line will be between the mast of the Committee Boat and the outer distance mark. Yachts must start and finish between the outer and inner distance marks. 

If a RED FLAG is flown, all marks are to be left to PORT. 

If a GREEN FLAG is flown, all marks are to be left to STARBOARD. 

After the start, marks shall be rounded in the following order: 

Round 1:     Windward, Gybe, Leeward

Round 2:     Windward, Leeward 

Round 3:     Windward, Gybe, Leeward 

Round 4:     Windward Leeward, Finish


Yachts shall pass between the inner and outer distance marks when sailing from the Leeward mark to the Windward mark. 

Special Regattas: Inaugural Salver when held at WOBYC Oulton Broad

Sailing instructions are in accordance with NRSC Rules sections 3 & 4 and WOBYC Rules with the exception that there will be a single start for each race. 

• Mooring arrangements will be advised.

• There will be a briefing before racing at the WOBYC.

• WOBYC Sailing Instructions are at

• Warning Flag will be allocated by WOBYC.

• The course for each race will be set by the NBYC race officer and displayed on the front of the clubhouse.

• Be aware WOBYC operate on a 6-minute warning, 3-minute warning, start.

• You must keep clear of the Waveney Princess tour boat.

• The O.O.D. will advise of any danger/restricted areas to be avoided. 

Special Regattas: Founders Cup and Memosail Trophy

At Wroxham NBYC we are to use the visitors’ jetty, stern-on for mooring. T here will be a mooring fee - normally £10 per boat for the weekend.  This will be collected at the time. Do not take up vacant berths behind the visitors’ quay heading without
specific permission from the NBYC Manager.

Sailing instructions are in accordance with NRSC Rules sections 3 & 4 and NBYC Rules with the exception that there will be a single start for each race. Yachts must be raced as declared on the entry form.

• The course for each race will be set by the NBYC Race Officer and displayed on the front of the clubhouse.

• A Warning Flag will be allocated by NBYC.

• A briefing will take place at a time to be advised.

Special Regattas: Globe Trophy

The race is held on the Lower Bure and will take the form of a passage race from Three Mile House, Great Yarmouth to the Bridge Inn, Acle.

• Start time allocation will be conveyed verbally by the OOD so all competitors must make a point of communicating with the OOD who will be based on the bank at the start at Three Mile House. 

• You may also contact the OOD on VHF Channel 72. 

• Yachts awaiting their start must keep clear of the starting area while other yachts are starting.

• Your engine is to be switched off 5 minutes before your start.

• As the starting area is restricted, each yacht will be allocated its own start time with a 2-minute interval between each start.  

• The start times and signals will be conveyed to all entrants by the OOD before the race.

• The start will be between the temporary start line and transit set up at Three Mile House (, 

• The finish will be a line set up at the commencement of the moorings of the Bridge Inn, Acle, transit from Club flag on the 

  bank at the moorings.

• The above instructions may be changed and will be displayed not later than 30 minutes before the first start of the race.

• Adverse tides and wind may result in this course being shortened. 

• To assist race officers in that decision, please listen again on VHF Ch.72. 

• The time limit for the race will be 4 hours 30 minutes  

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