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NRSC Code of Conduct


The Northern Rivers Sailing Club is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting  the well-being of all its members, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for all. The Club believes that it is important that members show respect and understanding for the dignity, safety and welfare of others at all times. Members, including Committee members, and visitors are expected to follow the  principles enshrined in this Code of Conduct.

General Principles

Members and visitors are entitled to expect conduct in line with the following general 

• All members should treat each other as they themselves would expect to be treated.

• All members have the right to their privacy, to be respected, and the right not to have to put up with inconsiderate or

  intolerant conduct.

• All members and visitors must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all others regardless of age, gender, ability,

  race, cultural background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and physical characteristics, to encourage equality         
  between members.

• The use of improper language, offensive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

• All members are encouraged to help each other and the Club to the best of their ability.

• Members should recognise and be respectful of the valuable contribution made by officials and volunteers who give

  their time and resources to provide  events and Club facilities for all to enjoy.

• Parents or carers are to be responsible for their children’s behaviour and all members should be aware of their 


• Members and visitors with pets should keep these under control at all times.

NRSC Meetings

The NRSC Commodore elected at the AGM will normally chair Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings, Committee and all other formal meetings. In the event that the Chair is absent ten minutes after the scheduled start of any meeting, the Committee may elect a Chair for the meeting, normally the Vice-Commodore.

All meetings are to be conducted in a dignified manner, with responses, remarks or questions made through the Chair. Members wishing to make a contribution should not interrupt others but attract the Chair’s attention, indicating their wish to contribute.

Members will be trying to reach a consensus but, if this proves to be impossible, the Chair may call for a vote. It is an important principle that all members should accept the majority vote, even if they disagree with it.

Email procedures

The principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced on 25th May 2018 apply to the Club and are enshrined in the Club’s Privacy Policy. Official email communications to members will be transmitted using a blind list of copyees (bcc) in order to respect privacy. This will be spelt out on the email sent out e.g. ‘bcc all members’. 

Member emails with open lists of recipients will be permitted for communication within the Club main Committee/Board and within other sub committees and time limited task groups for the duration of their membership to that group’ subject to all the members involved having consented to such action. Committee members will acknowledge all emails received from Club Members and will reply to them as needed. 

Be mindful when sending emails or texting that once sent, they cannot be retrieved. Emails should always be courteous, avoiding bold, underlined, red and unnecessary capitals.

Representing NRSC

All members should strive to be a positive role model and ambassador for the Club not only on Club premises but at other club venues, being mindful of their club rules.


Complaints and Sanctions


In the event that a Member of the Club or a member of the public finds the conduct of a Member of NRSC allegedly in breach of the Code, they should refer to the Club’s Complaints Procedure.

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