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NRSC Health and Safety Annex 9

Purpose of this document:

To advise on Health and Safety when using any barbecue at the Anchorage. 

Note  that  charcoal  barbecues of any  kind,  including single-use disposable barbecues, are not allowed at the Anchorage, due to the fire hazard. 

General statement of risk:

This risk assessment is needed to ensure that the hazards have been identified and suitable measures are in place. There has been a careful examination of what could cause harm to people, and that sufficient precautions have been taken to prevent harm.

Ensure adequate equipment (e.g. utensils and heatproof gloves for handling hot items), are available. Allocate where the barbecue should be placed, i.e. away from combustible items like fences, buildings, trees, shrubs or stored goods and on even ground (to ensure the barbecue is stable and minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls). There should be a minimum of 1 metre distance to the rear of the barbecue. Also, a suitable distance away from the serving area to reduce the risk of burns. 

Useful sources of guidance; references; relevant legislation: 

There is a technical manual available for the Club’s Tasty Trotter gas barbecue, bought September 2019 (see below).

The What3Words  location of the Anchorage (upriver quay heading) is downward superhero dame.

Detailed information: 

Check the wind direction and other weather elements before you start the barbecue. Consider relocating the barbecue if you are concerned about the risk of fire due to the wind direction.

Ensure there is at least 1 metre space at the rear of the barbecue and that you are away from the eating area and well away from the clubhouse.

Bring out the fire extinguisher and place it near the barbecue.

Check that all pipes and connections are in good condition: o Always change cylinders in the open air. If you change a cylinder, inform the Boatswain or one of the Coxswains. Never over-tighten joints.


Turn gas cylinders off before disconnecting the hose.

If you think there may be a leak turn the gas off immediately.

If you are concerned about the safety of the barbecue do not use it but report the matter to the Boatswain or one of the Coxswains.

Leave the barbecue to cool before moving it.

Remove waste from the barbecue area and dispose of it in an appropriate bin.

Never leave the barbecue unattended.

Always turn off the gas cylinder before turning off the barbecue controls to ensure that any gas left in the pipeline is used up.

Always use your barbecue in accordance with the operating instructions. These can  be found hanging on the wall above the generator in the storeroom (Tasty Trotter BBQ).

Food safety is a significant risk to control when using a barbecue. Preventing cross contamination and following good personal hygiene measures are important to ensure the food available is safe to eat.

Recommendations for safety/best practice:


A minimum of two people should be at the Anchorage during any use of any barbecue. Use of the Club’s barbecue is
confined to formal events in the Club programme unless expressly permitted by the Boatswain and/or one of the two Coxswains. Boatswain contact number: 07410 379 996 (Flatman); Coxswains: 07774 797 173 (Gray); 07777 630 273 (Evans)

What to do in an emergency or when Club action is needed :


First Aid kits and manuals are situated prominently inside the Anchorage together with a list of First Aiders. Operatives must be aware of the emergency, coastguard and ambulance calling procedure, also displayed prominently, and highlighted in premises induction. 


Who to contact in relation to this Annexe:    


Boatswain 07410 379 996

Date agreed by Committee:


19 October 2022

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