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NRSC Health and Safety Annex 2
        Safety at the Anchorage

Safety at the Anchorage:


Every member must take responsibility for their own safety and that of any accompanying guests, partners or family.


The Club has a Health and Safety Policy that is kept under regular review and includes annexes addressing specific aspects of health and safety, particularly at the Anchorage. Implementation of the policy is through a Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) that involves all Club members taking personal responsibility. Members should familiarise themselves with the HSMS documents, which are kept in a folder at the Anchorage. The bullet points below are a summary of key concerns but the HSMS should be consulted for full details. Any shortcomings should be reported to the Commodore, Boatswain or any other Committee member.


Members and visitors should wear appropriate buoyancy aids and great care should be taken when disembarking and boarding boats.


Lifebuoys are situated in the Clubhouse and put out by the moorings when they are in use.


Wet conditions can make grass, decking and pathways very slippery so vigilance is needed.


Due to the unstable nature of the riverside site, unforeseen hazards such as subsidence may occur, creating trip and other dangers.


Do not touch electric wiring. Never drill Anchorage walls.  If you have concerns, report them to the Boatswain.


When using the grounds maintenance equipment beware of the risks, especially when using the electric cable and generator. Familiarise yourself with the relevant policies, available in the HSMS folder and on the Club website.


Ensure gas taps are turned off at the cylinders and on the pipe as well as on the cooker and fridge before vacating the Anchorage.  For reasons of ventilation, the gas refrigerator is only to be used outside.


Familiarise yourself with HSMS safety advice before using the barbecue. If a charcoal BBQ is used be sure to extinguish the coals properly after use.


In the event of a fire, extinguishers are situated to the right of the door and to the right of the storeroom door.  A fire blanket is situated on the wall to the left of the cooker.


In the event of fire turn off the gas supply if safe to do so.


In case of injury:


A First Aid Box is available in a prominent position. 

A thermal blanket is to be found in the First Aid Box.  It is advisable to be competent in First Aid Skills. 

A list of qualified First Aiders is displayed near the First Aid Box.  

Instructions as to how an Ambulance can reach the Clubhouse are available near the First Aid Box. 

A defibrillator is available outside to the left of the front door during the sailing season.


Water from the tap is not potable. Use the kettle to boil potable water.


Lock the Anchorage doors and ensure the rear gate is fastened before leaving. 


All rubbish is to be taken away for recycling and disposal; nothing should be discarded into the river.


Notify the Commodore or a Committee member of any problem or potential hazard.


Disclaimer:   All users of The Anchorage do so at their own risk.


Dogs at the Anchorage:

The Committee requests that dog owners be considerate when at the Anchorage.  Please keep your dogs under control on a short lead, outside the clubhouse, away from food, and away from the main walkways. Please clear up after your dog.





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