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NRSC Health and Safety Annex 7
     Working on Quay Headings

Purpose of this document:

To advise on Health and Safety when carrying out work on or to the quay headings.

General statement of risk:    


Risk of harm to arms, legs and other parts of the body from machinery: slips, trips and falls; working next to water and drowning; shock; hypothermia.

Useful sources of guidance; references; relevant legislation:


The What3Words location of the Anchorage (upriver quay heading) is  downward superhero dame.

Detailed information:


A minimum of two people should be at the Anchorage during any work of this nature. Operatives must be physically fit to manage equipment safely and have satisfied Boatswain and or Coxswain of competence. Work is only to be executed with the knowledge of the Boatswain and/or one of the two Coxswains. Operatives must have received premises induction. Boatswain contact number:  07410 379 996 (Flatman); Coxswains: 07774 797 173 (Gray); 07777 630 273 (Evans)

Recommendations for safety/best practice:


PPE to include lifejackets or personal buoyancy; work gloves. Before commencing work, have at least one sturdy boathook to hand, to manoeuvre fallen casualty to the rescue ladder at the head of the upstream (north) dyke. A long ladder is kept at the rear of the clubhouse: this may  assist the retrieval of casualties.

What to do in an emergency or when Club action is needed:


First Aid kits are situated prominently inside the Anchorage together with a list of First Aiders. Operatives must be aware of the emergency, coastguard and ambulance calling procedure, also displayed prominently and highlighted in premises induction. Fire extinguishers and life buoys must be in position before commencement. At least one 
mobile phone should be available and in working order. 

Who to contact in relation to this Annexe:    


Boatswain 07410 379 996

Date agreed by Committee:


17 February 2021

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