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NRSC Privacy Policy


This policy exists so that Members of the Northern Rivers Sailing Club (NRSC, or the Club) can be confident about the privacy and security of their personal information. The Club takes the protection of Members’ privacy very seriously and will always take all reasonable steps within its power to make sure Members’ information is safe. 

By providing us with personal information, Members consent to the collection and use of any information they provide in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Any personal information we collect from Members will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable laws.

General Principles

NRSC holds personal data to enable the Club to distribute newsletters and to correspond with Members for the purpose of managing and promoting the Club’s racing, cruising, social, promotional, administrative and other activities. The data held by the Club are generally provided voluntarily by Members who have joined the Club and thereby agreed to receive information, but occasionally also where the Club has a legitimate interest in keeping a recipient informed about its aims, objectives and activities. 

The Club uses the data it holds for the following specific reasons:

• For communication with Members, supporters and like-minded organisations and associations regarding the racing,     cruising, social, promotional, administrative and other activities of the Club.
• To distribute the publications of the Club electronically or by mail.
• To advise or remind Members and like-minded organisations about meetings, events, projects and all other 

   promotions and activities.
• For inclusion,  strictly and only with written permission, of name, address, telephone number, email, boat name,

   make and number, and mooring in the Members’ Red Book, which is made available each year only to honorary and

   paid-up Members. 

In order to facilitate these services and the execution of the Committee’s duties, Members’ personal information is made available electronically to all elected and co-opted members of the Committee. Such data are required to be deleted when these posts change hands. Official email communications to Members will be transmitted using a blind list of copyees (bcc) in order to respect privacy. Such messages are private to Members and should not be forwarded to others. Normally such messages will include the following statement: “This email is intended for Members of the Northern Rivers Sailing Club. If you have received it in error do not use, disclose, store or copy any of its 
contents or attachments. Please destroy it and inform the sender.” Any replies to such emails should only be sent to the sender (normally a member of the Committee).

Member emails with open lists of recipients will be permitted for communication within the Club main Committee/Board and within other sub committees and time limited task groups for the duration of their membership to that group’ subject to all the members involved having consented to such action.

All Members and associated organisations have the right to review their own details as recorded, to have those details corrected if they are wrong and to have them removed from the Club’s database if they so wish. As stated above, such details will not be included in the Members’  Red Book  except with written permission, to be obtained and renewed annually.

Information about a member’s own personal details as held on the Club’s database may be acquired by contacting the Club Secretary, whose details are in the Members’ Red Book. At the latest, a response will be sent within 28 days of receiving such a request.

The Club does not share, sell or divulge any personal data to third parties, nor does it retain any information on bank accounts.


If you believe that the Club is not managing and storing data properly, you have the right to complain to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and/or to make a complaint under the Club’s  Complaints Procedures. Further comprehensive information on GDPR and ICO  is available on the  ICO website .


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